Nia Community of Faith Launches New Worship Experience

September 10, 2012

"It’s All Connected" and Romans 8:28 were the theme and scripture of the sermon at the Nia Worship Experience this past Sunday at 10:00 a.m. While the attendance goal throughout the launch period has been to have 50 people in attendance at each service, we had 62 people in attendance at the launch service at the Lyric Theatre yesterday, many of whom were first-time guests. While we celebrate the success, we are continuously focusing on evangelizing our demographic and hope that our attendance will continue to grow.

The Experience went well beyond my own expectations. We were brought into the spirit-filled presence of God with a warm welcome from Rev. Dr. Clarenda Phillips, followed by dynamic music from our worship leader, Trina Johnson, and our contemporary gospel band. I followed with the Word of God and invited everyone to join our Connection Groups (small groups). Afterwards, we gave out t-shirts to everyone!
As we go forward, we plan to:
1.    Continue the evangelism to our target demographic.
2.    Continue to raise funds for Nia Community of Faith.
3.    Launch our Connection Groups.
4.    Continue to invite people and ask for their support.
5.    Keep all of our efforts covered in prayer.
We thank the conference, through New Church Development, Path1, and the Lexington District for all of the support and prayers provided us. 
Peace & Blessings,
 Anthony Everett