Ministering to People within and outside the Church Walls

October 31, 2012

The Care Bear ministry is probably one of the busiest and largest groups within our congregation at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church (Owensboro District). We have nine different service groups within our Care Bear program: Monthly Shut-in Lunch, Cards For Special Occasions, New Members, New Mothers, Food For Sick at Home, College Students, Visit/Phone Shut-Ins, Hospital Visits, and Bereavement.

Once a month, the shut-in team will deliver hot meals to those that are on our shut-in list. Our card team will send out cards to those who are sick, have been in the hospital, and have lost a loved one. Once they have gotten out of the hospital, we have another team that will deliver a meal. The beauty of this ministry under the Fellowship Team is to reach out and connect to our church members and let them know we really care. 

Another ministry that has really grown at Chapel Hill is our driving ministry. The driving ministry is also done by volunteers at our church. This is community-wide and not just church-wide. If you have a doctor’s appointment and have no means to get there, you would just call the church office. The only stipulation to this is: 48-hour notice and the appointment must be in Henderson/Evansville area. From January 1 to October 17, our driving ministry team has made 136 transports, driven 2,213.5 miles and accumulated 251 hours. Amazing!

We are so proud of our volunteers at Chapel Hill and the ministries they offer within our church walls as well as outside our church walls.