Flood Buckets Delivered to UMCOR Warehouse

December 06, 2012

On the morning of Monday, December 3rd, Bishop Lindsey Davis, Kentucky Conference Cabinet members, Kavanaugh and conference staff and volunteers from Centenary (Shelbyville), Shiloh and Crestwood United Methodist Churches blanketed the grounds of Kavanaugh Life enrichment Center and loaded over five hundred flood buckets and over 200 health kits onto trucks for transport to an UMCOR network warehouse in Pennsylvania for distribution through out the east coast areas impacted by hurricane Sandy. Disaster Response Coordinator, Jim Morse said, "having so many volunteers was a marvelous thing". With so many hands available to help the loading went smoothly and quickly.

The truck arrived at the warehouse in Pennsylvania and was unloaded by volunteers on that end on Tuesday morning. All transportation needs were donated by Steve Sample and Tyme It Transportation.