Board of Pension and Health Benefits Announces "Stretch Goal" Recipients

February 04, 2013

The Kentucky Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits is pleased to announce the 2013 “stretch-goal” recipients. Recipients will receive $1,000 at the end of the selected quarter when 50% of participants in the Virgin Healthmiles Walking Program who reach their quarterly personal goal also reach the “stretch goal”.

The 1st quarter recipient is the Celebrate Recovery Ministry of the Paintsville Mayo and Paintsville First Churches (Prestonsburg District). The 2nd quarter recipient is The Foundry Christian Community Development Center (Bowling Green District). The 3rd quarter recipient is the Ida Spence Mission (Covington District). The 4th quarter recipient is the Somerset United Methodist Church parish nurse program (Corbin District).

Recipients were selected based on District Superintendents’ recommendations, geographic location within the Conference, and ministries that provide needed health services to the surrounding community.