Be in Prayer

March 12, 2013


Be In Prayer
            The word is conclave. Our Roman Catholic sisters and brothers are anxiously awaiting the selection of a new Pope. Balloting by the 115 Cardinal electors will begin today in the Sistine Chapel. The man they elect will serve as the spiritual leader of over 1.2 billion Catholic Christians.
            I have been following with much interest the developments at the Vatican since Pope Benedict XVI announced his historic resignation. All the news channels have been buzzing with speculation about who the new Pope will be. Will he be an Italian, a European or perhaps someone from North or South American or even Asia? The Catholic Church, like the United Methodist Church. sees most of its growth in the developing nations. Will the Pope be a traditionalist or a liberal? Will he be "Jesus with an M.B.A.", able to bring more administrative order to the Church?
            One of the best comments I heard was from one of the Cardinals. When asked about what he will think about when casting his vote, his response was, "I want a Pope who will serve like Jesus". That is always the bottom line for those of us who are called to follow Jesus no matter the Church where we live out our witness.
            I am praying for our Roman Catholic friends. I am praying that those 115 Cardinals will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Their decision is important to all Christians in our world. All Christians are bound together by our faith in Christ. In the face of Evil, we are far more alike than we are different. So I am praying and I invite you to do the same.