Bishop Davis Names New Superintendents

March 20, 2013

Bishop Lindsey Davis is pleased to announce four new Cabinet positions. All changes will become effective at the 2013 Annual Conference session.

Rev. James Williams will become the Lexington District Superintendent, Rev. Paul Fryman will be assigned as the Prestonsburg District Superintendent, Rev. Gene Pillow will serve as the Madisonville District Superintendent, and Rev. Terry Reffet will become the new Superintendent of the Ashland District.
As the new District Superintendent of the Lexington District, Rev. James Williams, currently serving Winchester First, will follow Dr. Randy Coy who has been serving the Lexington District in an interim capacity since September.
Rev. Paul Fryman, pastor of State Street UMC in Bowling Green, will become the Superintendent of the Prestonsburg District, following Rev. Charlie Douglas who is retiring in June.
Rev. Gene Pillow who is currently the Ashland District Superintendent, will begin serving the Madisonville District in June. Dr. Jay Smith will leave his role as the Madisonville District Superintendent and return to the pastoral ministry.
Rev. Terry Reffett, pastor at Somerset First UMC will become the new District Superintendent in the Ashland District.
Let us keep all of these servants and their families in our prayers at this time of transition.