God's Pantry Blessing the Heart of Kentucky

March 21, 2013
St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Campbellsville, KY began helping local families with emergency food about 2 ½ years ago. We officially became a food pantry, directed by Jennifer Adams, in November 2012. God’s Pantry has provided more than 175 people in our community with food up to date. We have a food giveaway once a month and also continue to help in emergency situations. Our ministry is based on the need we have witnessed, not only in our own church congregation, but in our surrounding community and throughout Taylor County. St. Andrew United Methodist Church is located in a low-income area and we often have children who attend our Wednesday night programs who have no food at home.
God’s Pantry requires proof of residence and income except in emergency circumstances. We coordinate with other local food pantries to insure that our clients are not receiving assistance through more than one organization. God’s Pantry receives referrals from local pastors, churches, agencies, and emergency services. The pantry is currently helping a maximum number of families and has had to begin a waiting list. Our food pantry team is made up of individuals who have the passion and love to see our community succeed and we continue to grow with volunteers who have a heart for the people of Taylor County.
God’s Pantry currently buys food through Feeding America and Wal-Mart. Through Feeding America we are able to purchase fresh vegetables at a rate of .02¢ a pound. For example, a ten pound bag of potatoes cost us .20¢. Meat and dry goods run about .19¢ a pound. We buy our canned vegetables at Wal-Mart for .48¢ a can. Through these agencies, we are able to make our money stretch further so we can provide help to more families. Currently, we run God’s Pantry for approximately $300 a month. The funding comes through donations, church budgeting, fundraisers, food drives and grants. Some local churches and businesses are now beginning to collect donations for us, as well. 100% of all money and food we receive goes to fund God’s Pantry.
St. Andrew is blessed in many ways to offer this greatly needed ministry. If you would like to help out by making a donation to God’s Pantry, please e-mail staumch@windstream.net or call (270) 465-8928.