Wesley Manor Celebrates Annual State Facility Survey

April 04, 2013

Kentucky’s Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) completed its annual surveys of both Wesley Manor’s Health Care Center and Memory Care Center on March 21st with a fantastic report! 

A thorough annual review was conducted of Wesley Manor’s Nursing, Dietary, Activities, Housekeeping & Laundry Departments and of Administration to determine Wesley Manor’s compliance with state licensure regulations. 
While at Wesley Manor, the Survey Team Leader congratulated the nursing staff on a “much-improved operation”. 
There was one deficiency noted in the Health Care Center related to a single resident’s health care plan. (The average number of deficiencies in nursing settings is six.)
The OIG’s exit report to the Memory Care Center read, “A licensure survey was conducted on 03/19/13 to 03/21/13, and it was found that the facility met minimum state licensure requirements with no deficiencies identified.”  In a letter to Mr. Hoganson dated March 27th, Millie Zumstein, R.D., L.D. Regional Program Manager, Division of Health Care said of the Memory Care Center, “We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the courtesy extended to the staff of this office during our visit completed on March 21, 2013 to determine compliance with state licensure regulations… Your facility is meeting minimum state licensure requirements with no deficiencies.”
And just this week, the City of Louisville’s Health Department gave Wesley Manor’s kitchen its usual “A” rating - but this time with a perfect score of “100”!
Wesley Manor President Jerry Hoganson was quick to send his words of praise and congratulations to Wesley Manor’s staff saying, “While I believe that state surveyors can find something to cite a facility for at any time, I think our excellent 2013 report reflects an attitude within the organization… Let’s keep up the good work!”