Noisy Offering for Change for Change

April 11, 2013

Previously during the Kentucky Annual Conference the “Children’s Ministry Team” and  the “Children and Poverty Grant Team” have sponsored the “Change for Change” fund drive for the $1,000 “Children and Poverty” grants. For the past several years we have had a friendly competition between Districts for those attending to deposit their spare change in District Buckets to see who can collect the most. Your spare change can generate from $2,000-$3,000 . 

This year we offer another a suggestion on how your District and churches can have the children play a part in supporting the grant funding. On a Sunday between now and Annual Conference, have the children provide a “Noisy Offering” within their church to collect spare change. They will then give it to their District Superintendent or Lay Leader to bring to conference.
If you are not familiar with the “Noisy Offering” it is fast and it is fun!  Here is how it works.   After the Church Announcements have the children come forward with their adult leader carrying tin cups or cans (anything that will make noise when change is dropped in). After the explanation of the offering and what it will provide have a quick paced children’s song played while the children go up and down the isle’s with their cup and listen for the coins to be dropped in .   When finished the children will bring their cups to the front of the church and the coins then dumped into a large metal bucket or wagon for more noise.   A blessing is given and the coins then taken out to be counted.
The “Noisy Offering” is a great way to supplement Children’s Ministry funds.  Some churches have found this so helpful they will have a regularly scheduled “Noisy Offering” Sunday.
The Kentucky Annual Conference is June 10 - 12 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center..