Floods Hit Colorado

September 16, 2013

Please be in prayer for our brothers and sisters affected by the flooding in Colorado. Floods hit areas around the city of Boulder, Colorado over the weekend and more than 600 people remain unaccounted for.   Roads were washed out and whole communities are cut off from outside communications and at least six people have died due to the flood waters. 

Here are suggestions for ways to help the people of Colorado.
1.  Our best immediate help can be UMCOR donations.  Please use Advance # 901670. SEND NO CLOTHING!
2.  Do not spontaneously respond to the area, sign up through their web site.
3.  With the amount of damage that has been incurred and is still being done by the flooding, teams that we may send to the area after being registered and invited should plan to be as self sufficient as possible. This means that any assistance teams, either ERT or VIM, should plan to take food, means to cook, and arrange for minimal housing availability.  With the extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure, any teams responding to help should do everything they can not to add to the stress of the people already struggling to recover. While I would not presume to discourage individual volunteerism, I feel that carefully planned teams would be the better option for us to consider. 
4.  This disaster is still in the response phase, where police, fire, EMS, rescue teams are actively responding to emergency needs.  While the information below is asking for the availability of teams for next week, the Rocky Mountain Conference will continue providing updated information on needs, both material and volunteer over the next few days and weeks.  As this information becomes available, we will be passing it on through various sources.  Our response must be coordinated with their needs.
5.   Please note that UMCOR is shipping almost 40,000 flood clean up buckets, health and school kits to the impacted area.  This is seriously going to deplete their reserves and something we can start doing immediately is assembling buckets or health kits to rebuild that reserve.
For now and the near future, the best assistance we can provide to this disaster is pray, donate, and plan well equipped, self sufficient teams to support the recovery efforts. Please coordinate any team planning through your District Disaster Coordinator and your VIM Coordinator.  Make sure that teams are registered and coordinated with the Rocky Mountain Conference where they are both invited and expected.

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