Annual Conference Mission Offering Update

November 01, 2013

Thanks to the generous giving of the members of the Kentucky Annual Conference, our total Mission Offering to Imagine No Malaria (INM) was $122,253.16. The letter below is from Sharon and Lynn Fogelman detailing how funds donated to INM are helping to further our ministries in the Sudan.

Greetings from Yei, South Sudan! The weeks seem to be going very quickly right now. We recently had a 3 day visit from an UMCOR Grant Officer, looking at the general health care in the region of South Sudan. It was good to have her here, especially as we look further into the implementation of the Imagine No Malaria grant.
The grant will go side-by-side with a larger UMCOR-Yei Field office grant with distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets in a region of Ye River County, called Lasu Payam. Within this Payam is a refugee camp which cares for Congolese 8,500 refugees. There are eight health facilities of the government and about 30,000 people.
Our grant will purchase anti-malarial medications - in particular fansidar to prevent malaria in pregnant women (they are advised to take this twice during pregnancy. Also, we will get an injectable quinine for treatment of severe malaria at the hospital. We will do refresher training with health workers in all of the health facilities (called Primary Health Care Units and Centers). We will also do community-wide education on malaria and prevention/treatment as well. The grant will cover a small expense to train our South Sudan UMC Health Board on malaria, how to implement major health interventions, and also how to write large grants and supervise funds received. We have this Health Board to allow us to secure these Imagine No Malaria grants. 
If this grant goes well, it will be possible for us to expand this project. Please pray that implementation of this grant will go well over the coming year.
We are very grateful for your support and assistance in sharing our gratitude with all within Kentucky Conference who have contributed to INM. We pray this major intervention will lead to healthier lives for all families - particularly children under 5 years and pregnant women and their newborn infants.
Please pass along our deep thanks for generosity and prayers!
In Christ,
Sharon and Lynn Fogleman