Spoiler Alert!

December 15, 2013

Luke 1:26-35; Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7

About sixteen years ago, when our daughter Kelly was little, my husband Kenny decided that he wanted a BB gun. Despite my warnings that it would put his eye out, he persisted. Boys will be boys. So I purchased the BB gun for Christmas and camouflaged it the best I could so that when he snuck around the Christmas tree weighing, feeling and shaking packages, it wouldn’t be a dead give-away.

It was a secret, and Kelly was in on it. Even though she was only about six, I knew I could trust her with this secret knowledge. She loved to know stuff, and you normally couldn’t pry a secret out of her. We have a policy in the Ruhl household of responding with, “I forgot” if someone asks what you got them for Christmas. Kelly was well trained. We also have a tradition on Christmas Eve of each choosing one gift to open to tide us over until Christmas morning.

Well, Christmas Eve arrived, and Kelly and I had successfully kept secret the gift of the BB gun, and, as I recall, the package was tucked back behind the tree to discourage my nosy husband from getting too familiar with it. I was proud of my girl. She did a good job keeping the BB gun secret. It would keep until morning.

But when it came time for each of us to choose which package to open that Christmas Eve, and Kenny started picking up packages and shaking them (part of his elaborate display of choosing), Kelly blurted out, “Why don’t you open your BB gun, Pop?!”

We’ve laughed about that Christmas Eve ever since. But you know what? I think Kelly’s on to something. Have you ever just been so excited about a gift you know someone is going to receive that you can hardly wait for them to open it? Jesus is the best gift humanity has ever received, and as Christians, we want everyone to hurry and open up to him. So today, and every day for the rest of Advent, let’s join the prophet Isaiah, the angel Gabriel, and the six year old Kelly Ruhl and let the cat out of the bag early. Let’s go tell it on the mountain now – with our loving words and deeds – that Jesus Christ is born.