Children's Advocacy Day Comes Early

January 07, 2014

Children's Advocacy Day is on Thursday, January 16th this year, a month earlier than usual! Kentucky continues to rank in the bottom ten for child well-being. We need your help to make Kentucky a safer, healthier place for children and youth. Please let your United Methodist Women's Groups and your church congregations know of the schedule change, and encourage them to join The Kentucky United Methodist Homes for Children & Youth in letting their voice be heard! 

Join us as we gather with other advocates, business leaders, youth, and elected officials to be a visible and audible presence for Kentucky's children and youth. We will meet first at St. Paul UMC in Frankfort, receive information about pertinent legislation, answer your questions, and then ride together  to the Capitol for the Rally and to visit individual legislators.
8:30 – 9:00 AM - Arrive at St. Paul UMC (1800 Louisville Rd, Frankfort)
 9:00 AM - Briefing on pertinent legislation and explanation about the day and what to expect
 9:30 AM - Commute to the chapel in buses (due to limited parking at the Capitol)
 10:00 AM - Rally led by Kentucky Youth Advocates
10:30 – 1:30 PM - Meet with your legislators
2:00 PM - Bus arrives to return us to St. Paul UMC
Prior to Children’s Advocacy Day, you will need to contact your state representative and senator to make an appointment for the 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM window shown above. When you meet your legislators, you will share your concerns about Kentucky’s children (you will be given a summary sheet to help you with talking points). If you would feel more comfortable, someone can accompany you to the meeting.
There is a lot at stake this year in particular, as the lack of funding to the child welfare system is resulting in children slipping through the cracks. With the strain of the economy, legislators are getting pulled in many directions for many causes. It is our job that day to make sure that they put children and families at the top of the priority list.
If you don’t know who your state representative or state senator is, you can find him/her by providing your address at For questions prior to Children’s Advocacy Day, or for help in finding your legislators, please feel free to contact Heidi Weaver at ( or 859-879-4034).
If anything prevents you from joining after you have signed up, please let either Heidi Weaver or Melinda Smith at the Children's home  know so that the bus will know not to wait for you. Please call  Melinda Smith’s cell phone if you get lost or need any other kind of help on the day of the event: (859) 509-4310.
If you're interested in joining us on January 16th, or in joining the Children's Advocacy Network, please send your name, address, phone number and e-mail address to or contact Heidi at (859) 879-4034.