Cabinet Makes 2014 Appointments

April 11, 2014

The Cabinet will begin making phone calls to over 50 full-time pastors informing them of their new appointment. These calls are the culmination of several months of conversations with pastors and church Staff-Parish Relations Committees and many hours of prayer and careful discernment by the Cabinet.

We believe in a sent ministry rooted in the Biblical understanding that God is constantly calling and sending persons into the mission field to offer the Good News of Jesus Christ to a spiritually hungry world. So each spring the Bishop and District Superintendents engage this challenging task.
Across our Annual Conference we have experienced over $300,000 in salary reduction as a result of congregations reducing salary support to our clergy. This fact alone makes it inevitable that many of our pastors will move at a salary decrease. While these reductions are not fair to our clergy they are part of our current reality.
So please be in prayer for those who are moving this year and for the churches experiencing a change of pastoral leadership. I am very thankful for the commitment of our pastors and laity whose faithfulness makes our itinerancy system work for the good of the whole church.
In Christ Jesus,