Elizabethtown Clusters Bearing Fruit

May 21, 2014

The conference office welcomed the Breckinridge County cluster from the Elizabethtown District on Monday, May 19. Cluster members toured the offices and Bishop Davis dropped in to greet them.

The Elizabethtown District has structured themselves into cluster groups and has found that structure to be effective. Elizabethtown District Superintendent Paul Brunstetter shares his insights as to how things are progressing in his district: "In our goal to cultivate effective leaders by creating and sustaining healthy connections for ministry, all Elizabethtown District pastors meet monthly (four to eight hours/month) in clusters.  Each of the eight clusters (including one for laity) are led by a 'presiding elder' in a 'loving, learning, and leading' environment which enables them to 'deep dive' issues within their churches.  Each cluster also leads the district in some type of missional endeavor (i.e., district Loucon camp, mission trips, confirmation retreat, etc.).  There is a very positive energy and new sense of connectionalism among our clergy.  We truly believe, in our vision to make a Christ-like region, that our statistics are taking a turn to the positive, as we have experienced our first attendance growth in more than a decade (when our new church initiatives are added)."