The Nomads visit Camp Loucon

May 23, 2014

I cannot remember three weeks ever passing so quickly. It is bittersweet. Three short weeks ago three nomad couples passed through the gates of Loucon, hooked up their RVs, and began working on a cabin that will serve our campers this summer. Now they are gone, but their legacy of service is still intact!

The Nomads are retired United Methodists who travel around the country providing volunteer labor for United Methodist organizations. They say they are Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service. To those of us at Loucon they are simply put a huge blessing. They are followers of Christ who understand that you can retire from a vocation; however you never retire from serving God in the world. They come ready to serve. They come ready to make friends and enjoy fellowship. They come to teach you what the Love of God looks like in the world. They are a blessing!
So once again Loucon has had a group of Nomads join us. Once again our hearts are full of joy for the friendships and the legacy they have left to help impact children and youth for Christ. Once again we are sad to see our friends go. We know this is not the end. In fact this year we were blessed with a team that was here four years ago. We hope next time it won’t take so long for their return. This year our team consisted of Ron & Jean Renken who are from Cadiz, KY and part of our conference. They were our Nomad leaders for this project. In addition to the Renken’s we were also blessed to be reunited with Bud Albrecht, Ann Albrecht, Bill Reinhardt, and Joyce Reinhart.
Let their lives be a reminder to us all of how Christ uses us to impact the world even when many think our work is done. God says I want to use you for something great!

(Nomads pictured from left to Right; Joyce, Bill, Ron, Jean, Bud, and Ann)