Wesley House Community Services Looking for Team Members

December 11, 2014

Wesley House Community Services is seeking individuals to sit on an Ad Hoc committee of the Facilities Committee. This ad hoc committee will address Wesley House building Issues.

Dr. Renee Campbell, president/CEO of Wesley House, has implemented a structured and organized plan of action to address facilities issues and is recruiting individuals who have expertise in building maintenance. 
The vision for this committee is that the team will consist of the following qualities: 
1.       Individuals who want to see Wesley House succeed
2.       Individual who have resources, access to building materials, financial resources, supplies who are in a position to donate
3.       Individuals who know someone with building resources and willing to make the ask
4.       Individuals who have at least two hours to meet once a month, and a strong desire to see capital projects at Wesley House completed in a timely manner.    
If you would like to suggest potential committee members, or have ideas about how to complete this important work, contact Dr. Renee Campbell at 502-968-8231.