Worship and Music Director Sought for 2020 General Conference

July 25, 2017
The Commission on the General Conference is seeking a worship and music director responsible for the overall worship and music program management of The United Methodist Church’s 2020 General Conference. The denomination’s top legislative body meets May 5-15, 2020, in Minneapolis.

Applicants must be a member of The United Methodist Church, and should send a brief resume outlining their background and professional references, along with a link to a five-minute audition video (posted to YouTube) using video clips that demonstrate the applicant’s presence during performance.

Only YouTube videos will be accepted, and the selection team will only view the first five minutes of the video, regardless of the length submitted. Application materials should be sent via email to generalconference@gcfa.org. The deadline is August 22, 2017. All submissions will be used and distributed for the purpose of the Commission on the General Conference’s review process.
Interviews for finalists will be held October 5, 2017.

An honorarium of $15,000 will be paid, plus reimbursement for transportation, housing and food expenses. The budget for the worship and music program (including travel expenses and honorariums) is $75,000. No financial support is provided for participating choirs and ensembles, except for house musicians.
Responsibilities of the position include:
  • Providing for the ritual and musical leadership of worship of the General Conference
  • Working with the Council of Bishops’ Worship Committee General Conference 2020 and assigned staff from Discipleship Ministries and other team members to plan the worship services at General Conference
  • Directing the process of auditioning and choosing the choirs and other ensembles that participate in General Conference;
  • Working with the business manager and the plenary director regarding arrangements needed in the venue to accommodate choirs and ensembles
  • Consulting with the plenary director regarding audio-visual and/or staging needs in the venue
The worship and music director is expected to participate in meetings of the Commission on the General Conference throughout 2018 and 2019, as well as to be present for all dates of General Conference, including set up and tear down, as necessary.

Questions may be directed to the business manager of the General Conference at generalconference@gcfa.org. (See the notice here.)