Annual Conference Nightly Wrap-up Tuesday

June 14, 2016
Bishop Davis introduced Jimmy Nammour from Israel. Jimmy Nammour is a tour guide for EO Tours (Educational Opportunities Tours) and has developed a close relationship with Bishop Davis and those who have traveled on pilgrimage to Israel.

Eric Bryant awarded Creech Richardson, a bi-vocational minister in Casey County, the Clergy Harry Denman Evangelism Award. Joshua and Janna Matthews from River City Church were awarded the Laity Harry Denman Evangelism Award and Lexington Centenary UMC was awarded for being the church with the most professions of faith this past year.

Jennifer Davis and Warren Lathem presented updates on the Mission Offering. Jennifer Davis discussed that a jewelry sale would take place today and that all money raised would go to support the Red Bird Missionary Conference. Jennifer also discussed the impact of KAC in Honduras. A conference team of 21 adults and youth will be traveling this summer to Honduras for building projects, leading a VBS, building relationships, and for the first time there will be a doctor and dentist traveling with the team.

Warren Lathem shared on the amazing work that has been happening at the Seminary established in Venezuela. Attendance has expanded and helped to support and provide ministers for the current 59 United Methodist Churches in the country. Even more exciting, he shared that each of the 59 churches are working towards establishing one church plant in order to expand the message of Christ.  Christians have expanded from 2% of the population to 20% as of 2015. The request for Christian education has been so great that an educational program called Panorama is being developed to train new clergy as they answer God’s call to ministry. Panorama serves as a licensing class which will be six academic hours spread over 12 courses.  

Tami Coleman presented the results of 2015’s conference mission trip to Belize. Money received was used to help fight against the impacts of Ebola in Belize. Money was also used to build a High School since current high schools can only service one-third of youth in Belize. Tami’s glory sighting was that during the dedication of a particular school room in honor of KAC, the youth chose to sing “Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul” which was the same song that was chosen as the theme song for last year’s annual conference.

Additional celebrations and recognition of extension ministries and mission work were recognized with the 100,000+ meals that the UMC Food Ministry of Northern Kentucky was able to serve last year. Chris Backert of Fresh Expression shared about how they are reaching the un-churched.
Nominations were presented by Bishop Davis with a comment on revisions by Julie Hager Love. Nominations were approved.

Retirement Service
A drama performed by Jim Coleman and Scott Woodburn kicked off the retirement service. Bishop Davis blessed those who are retiring from ministry. The collective years of service between the retirees is 349 years of service and their names are Kyle David Burnette, Robert William Cooper, Montie Fugate, Michael L. Gibbons, Kenneth Earl Harp, Stephen Dwain Proctor, Bill Rounsaville, Alfred Douglas Stilwell, R. Gregory Tate, and Frederick R. Wiles.
  • Retirement Lunch
    A retirement luncheon was available for retired clergy and family for an opportunity to remember, share, and celebrate their many years of ministry.
  • Other fellowship opportunities today included the Extension Ministries Fellowship Breakfast, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary Lunch, EO Tours Lunch, and the luncheon for Ethnic Local Church Concerns.
Afternoon of Service
Afternoon of Service kicked off at 2pm and had over 500 participants! There were approximately 15 projects across the Bowling Green community that were available for participation. The Prayer Walks were cancelled due to heavy rain but many volunteers whose projects were cancelled helped out with other projects.  1742 health kits were assembled for UMCOR.


A festive farewell party was hosted tonight for Bishop Lindsey and Jennifer Davis. Gene Strange lead the event, while the Bishop’s cabinet had skits and songs preformed just for the Bishop and Jennifer. Jimmy Nammour, Bishop Davis’s long time friend from Jerusalem spoke about his 21 year friendship with the Bishop and his wife. Heartfelt and comedic comments were provided by Laura and John, the children of Bishop Davis and his wife. The mission offering taken in honor of the Bishop and Jennifer.

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