Campus Ministry Challenge Starting Soon

March 06, 2020
When March rolls around in the state of Kentucky there is one thing on most people’s mind: The NCAA Basketball Tournament. And while we love our college basketball teams of Kentucky, we love the students at those schools even more; which is why we have 10 campus ministries acting as the missional presence for your local United Methodist Church on college and university campuses throughout the state.
We want to make sure you know about these incredible ministries and how you can support them in developing students to become passionate spiritual disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
Beginning March 15th, 2020, the inaugural Campus Ministry Challenge will begin and run through April 4th, 2020. For 3 weeks we will be highlighting the 10 campus ministries around the state and challenging you to get in the game; not the basketball game, but the disciple-making game by making a financial contribution to the Campus Ministry Challenge.
College years are a time of great influence. This unique time can affect the path that a person journeys on for the rest of their life. Many young adults enter this period questioning which way they should go. Campus ministry fulfills spiritual needs for those in this time, between adolescence and adulthood, and helps students find the answers to their questions. In this way, campus ministries partner with the local church by fostering a student’s faith during a transitional time.
Your campus ministries can only continue to provide these needed faith communities on college and university campuses by the faithful financial support of the local church and its members.
Donations received between March 15th-April 4th will be split evenly between the 10 campus ministries, but we don’t want to just raise money, we also want to have some fun! The campus ministry that collects the highest number of donors will be awarded The Wesley Cup, presented by the Bishop and a special guest at this year’s Annual Conference. Make sure to make your donation in honor of a specific school to help them win the Wesley Cup!
By participating in the Campus Ministry Challenge you are helping to keep our campus ministries in the disciple-making game on our college and university campuses.