Changes Coming to KYUMC LACE Program in 2019

December 10, 2018
The Kentucky Conference Board of Laity has announced some major changes that are coming to the LACE (Lay Academy for Church Excellence) program in 2019. The new format will utilize both in-person and online group workshops to reach the maximum number of people in each district and standardize the LACE program across the Conference. The Board of Laity has outlined what is required of each participant to attain each level of Certified Lay Servant, Certified Lay Speaker, and Certified Lay Minister (please see outline below article). However, people who wish to take workshops for personal growth and discipleship are more than welcome to join any class without working toward certifications.

Each district will be responsible for offering all of the LACE 101 (Basic Lay Servant Classes), which is ten hours of workshops, as well as the Leadership Class and the Preaching Workshop (LACE 201) with practicum. This gives each district the opportunity to plan their workshops for the dates and times that are convenient for the maximum number of participants. Districts will also be able to offer LACE 101 several times a year.

LACE 201 (Certified Lay Speaker Classes) and LACE 301 (Certified Lay Minister Classes) will be offered over video conference by the Kentucky Conference on specified dates throughout the year. The first scheduled date is January 12 from 10 AM Eastern/9 AM Central to 3 PM Eastern/2 PM Central on Calling and Spiritual Gifts (LACE 201), taught by Rev. Kathy Goodwin. Each district will arrange the location and provide the technology for their participants to watch the lecture, and then a leader from the district will guide “breakout sessions” so that participants can discuss and share on the topic.

While there are a lot of new things happening with the LACE program, the Board of Laity is excited to step into this new direction of teaching LACE. If you have any questions about the changes to the LACE program, please contact Rev. Tami Coleman at 502-553-3306 or
Breakdown of Requirements for Certifications:
Certified Lay Servant
  • Recommended by Charge Conference
  • Complete Basic Course for Lay Servant Ministries (10 hours required), also called LACE 101.  This is completed at the District level
  • Complete Leadership Class of LACE 201
Certified Lay Speaker
  • Must have completed requirements to be a Certified Lay Servant
  • Complete LACE 201 courses: (8 hours each workshop, teacher provided by Conference. This will be livestreamed and districts can provide places where people can gather)
    • Leading Worship
    • Prayer
    • Spiritual Gifts/Calling
    • UM Connection (polity, history, theology)
  • Complete LACE 201 Preaching course and practicum (8 hours, provided by each district)
Certified Lay Minister
  • Must have completed the Certified Lay Servant and Lay Speaker requirements
  • Complete LACE 301 courses: (8 hours, provided by Conference. This will be livestreamed and districts can provide places where people can gather)
    • Faith Formation/Discipleship
    • Pastoral Care
    • Congregational Context