Christmas is Coming!

December 14, 2016

Christmas is coming and I'm pretty excited about it.

I remember one of my first times singing at church. It was not the very first time, so I wasn't in the angel choir. It was more like the cherub choir, so I was a little bit older. I was especially excited because I had a solo. Okay, it was only one line (in reality it was probably only about five words). I became so worked up over the event that my stomach did not feel so good and my head was kind of spinning. So, in my professional five-year-old opinion, I messed up the solo, it was not as good as when we practiced and it did not live up to my expectations.

Christmas is coming and I'm pretty excited about it. God sent Jesus to this earth. Nothing is more important.

Jesus wants to know "Do you love me?" At times I feel as I have not done a good job of feeding Christ's lambs or sheep. My feeding of the flock oftentimes has not been what I had planned, nor as good as I imagined, much like the solo from my younger years. But the Lord does what God has always done. God takes my offerings and blesses them, divides them, multiplies them and makes them good.

Christ is coming and I'm pretty excited about it. My stomach is a bit upset and my head is spinning, but I'm still following and I am still singing.

Merry Christmas

John Denham
Conference Lay Leader