Discernment workbook aims to help churches make critical decisions

August 22, 2022
The Kentucky Annual Conference has produced a workbook for churches to help discern major decisions, and in-person training sessions at various locations will be conducted over the next several weeks to help churches get the most out of the discernment tool.

The workbook, “Discernment Workbook for Christian Ministries and Churches,” was produced by a special team made up of clergy and laity and headed by Rev. William Moore, Director of Connectional Ministries. Moore was the principal writer.

“I feel the team's work resulted in a tool allowing churches and ministries to see where the Lord is already at work, hear what the Lord is saying, and discover where the Lord is leading,” he said.  “This resource will help teams have healthy conversations in a thoughtful process so they will be open to the Lord's calling.”

The team met mostly via Zoom starting late in 2021, and the workbook was the result of that work after the team determined that there wasn’t anything out there that combined how to discern in a user-friendly, step-by-step process.

While many churches might want to use the book to help determine their future in the shifting denominational landscape, the workbook is designed to be used for any major decision-making process.

The workbook has the blessing of Bishop Leonard Fairley’s Operational Team, whose members were instrumental in providing feedback during the creation of the workbook. In addition, several churches around the Conference helped test early versions of the workbook and provided additional feedback to help improve it.

A special page on the Conference’s website has all the details, including a downloadable copy of the workbook and a schedule of trainings, which are free to participants. Several online training sessions also are planned. Registration is required both for the in-person and online training sessions.