Doylesville UMC cleaning up after the flood

March 10, 2021
Doylesville UMC was flooded in our recent rains. Doylesville is a small rural church located about 1 mile from the Kentucky river, but next to a tributary that feeds into the river and we were flooded in the recent rains. The entire area was flooded, and it took 6 days for the waters to subside enough for us to be able to cross the roads and bridges to gain access to the church building. It completely covered a small basement fellowship hall with a kitchen and then about 3 - 4 feet into the main floor, sanctuary, Sunday school room and office, most everything in the church building was a destroyed by the flood damage.

On Saturday afternoon, the Union City fire department and some volunteers met us at the church building to go in and make sure the space was safe to enter. They helped clean out all the items in the church building, we also pulled up carpets. What items might possibly be salvaged were placed back inside the church building. Currently, most of the destroyed items are sitting outside, there is a dumpster/truck that will be delivered on Thursday so that we can begin to dispose of the trash and items. The Waco fire department and the Madison County Republican Party have donated some cleaning supplies and bottles of water for volunteers.

There are still items that have to be removed from the building. We are pulling down ceiling panels and lights in the basement. We have begun to remove HVAC ductwork which was made from fiberglass insulation that was ruined in the flood. Under the church, there are items stored in a crawl space that need to be removed and a lot of insulation and more ductwork that has to be removed. This space is muddy and small, we were not physically able to access this space yet.  

We are organizing work days and volunteers to help with the clean up. Our first work day will be this Saturday, 3/13 starting at 10:00 AM.

Things to note for volunteers: We currently have no electricity to the building, electric power tools will not work. We have some bottled water for drinking. We have started to receive cleaning supplies, but don’t have very much of this yet. Volunteers should probably come with their own supplies. Also, the church is in a very rural area where cell phone service often does not work. The address for the church is 3420 Doylesville Rd. Richmond, KY 40475, but note that map programs like google maps and apple maps are not always accurate to the exact location and we may not be accessible by cell phone at the church if needing directions in the area. In addition, if you try to look up the address for the church on the internet, you will often get a different address which is actually for a former parsonage and not the church building’s actual address, the one above in this paragraph is the one that should be used for traveling to the church building.  

We have been calling various organizations to get the word out. I was able to call the crisis hotline that Jessica Wells sent and get us registered and set up with them also.

We would truly appreciate any help and assistance that can be offered.

Grace & Peace,
James Atherton