Flood relief for southeastern Kentucky

February 08, 2020
About a dozen volunteers gathered Saturday afternoon to load 175 cleaning buckets into a rental truck to assist flood-stricken people in southeastern Kentucky.

Bishop Leonard Fairley and Dawn Sparks Fairley were among those who came to Kavanaugh Conference and Retreat Center in Crestwood to help.

Jim Morse, the Kentucky Annual Conference’s Disaster Relief Coordinator, had stops to make in Shelbyville and Lexington to pick up about another 175 or 200 buckets and expected to arrive in southeastern Kentucky late Monday afternoon.

Recent heavy rains and some snow have caused flooding in the Conference’s South East District and Red Bird Mission region. More rain is forecast in the coming days, Morse said, meaning rivers in the area probably haven’t yet crested.

After the volunteers finished loading, Rev. William Moore, the Conference’s Director of Connectional Ministries, led the group in prayer as they gathered at the back of the truck.

Morse said that at this point, he doesn’t expect to stay onsite once the truck is unloaded but will if his services are needed.

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