Flooding in the Northern KY District

July 24, 2017
Due to flooding in Augusta, KY over the weekend there is a  need for flood buckets and some volunteer teams to assist in cleanup of homes. Most of the flooding has been limited to basements and first floors. Thankfully only a few homes were seriously damaged or destroyed, but there was one individual and his trailer that they were still searching for as of last night.
Districts that are west of and south of the Heartland District, if you have cleaning buckets in stock please let Jim Morse, Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, know. jim.morse7311@gmail.com

For Districts neighboring Northern Kentucky District, Immanuel UMC, 2551 Dixie Highway, Lakeside Park, KY 41017 has volunteered to be a staging point for cleaning buckets which will then go into Augusta/Mason County and possibly other nearby areas.  
If you have groups that would be interested in volunteering for cleanup efforts later this week or this weekend, please contact Jim Morse. jim.morse7311@gmail.com

There may have been flooding in Flemingsburg, but we don't have any details confirming the scope.  If anyone has contacts there and can provide information, please reach out to them and then contact Jim Morse. jim.morse7311@gmail.com