Kentucky and Red Bird Conferences Retreat

September 13, 2019
The Kentucky and Red Bird Conference delegations met together on September 6 and 7 at Windsor Manor on the campus of Asbury University.  The executive team of the Kentucky Conference is Rev. Dr. Bill Arnold, chair; Mr. Alan Beuscher, vice-chair; and Rev. Tami Coleman, secretary.

After the opening devotion by recently retired president of Asbury University, Dr. Sandra C. Gray, Dr. Arnold reviewed the Delegation Handbook.  He reviewed what General Conference is and its work.  He then reviewed the purpose and work of the Jurisdictional Conference and its role in the election of bishops.

Dr. Arnold asked for volunteers to serve three committees to enhance the work of the delegation. Serving on the prayer committee are Rev. Tom Grieb, Rev. Andrew Singh, Ms. Maggie Hoffman, Ms. Delace Canada, and Rev. Kelly McClendon.  The second committee is a communications committee whose purpose is to plan meetings across the conference to disseminate information and receive input from the conference.  The members of this committee are Rev. Matt Seel, Mr. Larry Wells and Rev. Tami Coleman.  The third committee is another communication committee that will provide for internal communication within the delegations and the communications department for the conference.  The members of this committee are Mr. Michael Watts, Ms. Marilyn Osborne of the Redbird Conference, and Rev. Michael Sweeney.

After the Saturday morning devotion led by Rev. Andrew Singh and Ms. Bethany Harting, the delegation set it meeting dates prior to General Conference as November 9, 2019, February 1, 2020, and March 7, 2020.  The sites of the meeting will be announced at a later date.

Dr. Arnold reviewed the preliminary work on three plans that are anticipated to be coming before the 2020 General Conference.  The plans are known as the Bard – Jones plan, the Indianapolis plan, and the UMCNext plan.  There will likely be additional plans coming before the General Conference.

The representatives on the Southeastern Jurisdictional Nominations Committee are Rev. William Moore for the clergy for Mr. Michael Watts for the laity.

The retreat concluded with a devotion and communion led by Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, president of Asbury Theological Seminary.