MissionInsite: A great resource tool for our churches!

November 27, 2017
By Alan Wild
Hey, Kentucky Annual Conference churches: Are you a MissionInsite user yet? If not, there’s no time like now to sign up for this powerful digital tool!

The conference has partnered with MissionInsite for several years, but very few of the conference’s 800-plus churches are using the powerful demographic and attitude-measuring tool to its potential, according to Eric Bryant, director of New Church Development.
“It’s a powerful tool to help you reach out and connect to your community,” Rev. Bryant said.

MissionInsite, based in Irvine, California, was founded more than a decade ago by Mike Regele, Chuck Salter and Peter Wernett to help church leaders make strategic decisions about their ministries. Among other things, that means carefully studying a church’s neighborhood and region, as well as “plotting” church membership based on the rolls. MissionInsite works with other nonprofits, as well.

The conference contracts with MissionInsite, so it costs individual churches absolutely nothing, Rev. Bryant said. Still, he said, only about 50 churches in the conference have plotted their congregations and are using every aspect of the digital tool.

If you haven’t registered yet, it just takes a minute. Go to http://missioninsite.com/client-center/registration and follow the steps. The Kentucky Conference registration code is AL5A3. Registering just takes a minute. Or you can contact Alan Wild, the New Church Development ministry assistant, at awild@kyumc.org for a copy of the registration PDF. He also can give you administrative access to your church.  If your church is already registered, there’s no need to re-register.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information that MissionInsite generates, Rev. Bryant said. But help is available online during office hours via chat from a MI staff person. Also, if you want detailed help, each district in the conference has one or more contacts who have undergone extensive training and can help. Contact Mr. Wild at the NCD office to find out who can help you in your respective district.

In addition, the NCD office is prepared to help further: We’ll schedule a meeting at the Conference Center in Crestwood, we’ll set up a teleconference, or we’ll even come to you and show you how it works.

Bottom line: Every church in the conference has access to this great tool, and it’s absolutely free to you!

For more information or for help getting started, contact the NCD office: Rev. Bryant, director, ebryant@kyumc.org (502) 425-3884 ext. 328; or Mr. Wild, ministry assistant, awild@kyumc.org (502) 425-3884 ext. 322.