Our Africa delegation checks in: Glory sightings everywhere

March 28, 2019
By Cathy Bruce
Our Kentucky Annual Conference delegation to Africa is just getting started, and we have already seen more examples of God’s hand at work than we could possibly recount! Here are just a few of the highlights so far:
On Tuesday we traveled from Harare, Zimbabwe to Mutare, Zimbabwe, where Africa University is located.
Wednesday morning began with chapel service at the Kwang Lim Chapel located on the Africa University campus. Bishop Leonard Fairley, Northern Kentucky District Superintendent Rev. Susan Jinnett-Sack, and UK Wesley Foundation Director Rev. William Herndon all participated in the service.
Bishop Fairley preached a sermon titled “Healing Hands.” Rev. Jinnett-Sack led us in our opening prayer and Rev. Herndon gave us our benediction. After the service, Bishop Fairley shook the hand of each student who attended chapel service.
During his sermon, Bishop Fairley reminded us of the expression and passion in Jesus’ eyes and voice as he performed miracles. How Jesus had healing and command in his voice, but, said Bishop Fairley, “The most expressive part of Jesus, in my mind, was His hands.” He added that “you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands.”
He asked the students what they will do with their hands. What is Jesus inviting them to do with their hands? He then asked everyone to join hands.

The group from Kentucky also met with the deans of the three colleges that make up Africa University and the Vice Chancellor, Professor Munashe Furusa, along with his cabinet and staff. During the meeting the deans shared about their colleges and how their focus is on educating students to be ready for today’s world and tomorrow’s world. They also told us how the three schools connect their work so that their programs are integrated and not working in silos.

In a day that was full of worship and learning opportunities, one thing that was really powerful was the trip to the Old Mutare Mission Center and the Fairfield Children’s Home. We toured the existing hospital and outpatient center and the addition they are building on the hospital. We were able to spend a little time talking with various staff members and the administrator of the hospital. We then toured the Children’s Home, the church and the cemetery that is there.
Our night ended with a devotion from Rev. Dr. George Love, a Presbyterian minister and the husband of Rev. Julie Hager Love, the KAC’s director of Connectional Ministries.

His text was Psalms 35:9 and his theme was remembrance. He spoke about how he had planned a perfect day and everything was going wrong, then the gray clouds parted and God's light shone through. That made him think about the wonderful thing about ministry: the possibility that God lays before us.

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