Rumors Swirl at General Conference

May 17, 2016
We awoke to rumors of a split in our denomination, these rumors, released on social media by both individuals and advocacy groups, were not true.  As the rumor reached the dais Bishop Bruce R. Ough, in-coming president of the Council of Bishops and leader of the Dakotas and Minnesota Conferences, asked for a point of privilege to discuss the rumors that were swirling.

Bishop Ough made it clear that there is no plan of separation of the United Methodist Church originating from the Council of Bishops. Ough did acknowledge that he and other bishops have been in conversation with leaders of various groups in the weeks leading up to General Conference.

Speaking for the Council of Bishops, Ough stated that, “As shepherds of the entire flock, the Council of Bishops is committed to maintaining the unity of The United Methodist Church. Not a superficial unity to serve to veneer over our pain and disunity, but an authentic unity born of the Holy Spirit.”

Again, any rumors of a split are not true. As information becomes available we will share with you.

Read the entirety of Bishop Ough’s statement here.