SEJ Budget Reduces by Sixty Percent

July 14, 2016
The Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference approved a budget of $1,774,000 for the 2017–2020 quadrennium. The budget passed as recommended by the SEJ Committee on Finance and Administration and reflects a 60 percent reduction over the previous budget. 

Starting the report with song, Jim Allen sang "Go Tell it on the Mountain" before sharing good news from CFA.
"This report reflects a faithful commitment to the ministries of the Jurisdiction and is projected to be sufficient for the ongoing operational costs of the Jurisdiction and its committees," explained Allen, chair of the SEJ Committee on Finance and Administration.  It will also provide a cushion should there be a need to fund emerging ministries or a special called session of Jurisdictional Conference. 
The SEJ has been trimming its budget since the restructuring approved in 2008.  The 2012-2016 budget eliminated operational funds going to agencies, but continued to provide funds for debt service to Lake Junaluska and Hinton Center. Those debt service payments will end in 2016, and were not included in the 2017-2020 budget.
Collection on apportionments in the jurisdiction improved from 80 percent in the 2009-2012 quadrennium to a projected payment of at least 97 percent in the current quadrennium.  
Apportioment Payments by Annual Conference will be as follows:
Alabama - West Florida  - $110,543 ($27,636 per year)
Florida - $211,194 ($52,799 per year)
Holston - $99,930 ($24,983 per year)
Kentucky - $78,132 ($19,533 per year)
Memphis - $53,009 ($13,252 per year)
Mississippi - $97,396 ($24,349 per year)
North Alabama - $110,223 ($27,556 per year)
North Carolina - $125,638 ($31,410 per year)
North Georgia - $221,455 ($55,364 per year)
Red Bird Missionary - $506 ($127 per year)
South Carolina - $130,215 ($32,554 per year)
South Georgia - $82,851 ($20,713 per year)
Tennessee - $74,714 ($18,679 per year)
Virginia - $190,636 ($47,659 per year)
Western North Carolina - $187,558 ($46,890 per year)