Step up to The Kingdom Assignment!

May 13, 2021
By Alan Wild
Are you ready for a challenge that we think will make a real difference in your church and community – as well as prove spiritually invigorating for you and your team? It’s called The Kingdom Assignment, and New Church Development is inviting you to join some of our church plants and take part this summer. 

Here’s how it works, as outlined in the book The Kingdom Assignment: What Will You Do with the Talents God Has Given You? by Denny Bellesi and Leesa Bellesi. Amazon’s website describes the book this way:

Following a sermon on stewardship, Denny Bellesi stunned his congregation by distributing $10,000 among one hundred volunteers and sending them on a "Kingdom Assignment" that has lit a spiritual blaze in their church, won the attention of the national media, and influenced hundreds of thousands of lives across their community and around the world.

There were three simple rules: The volunteers must recognize that the money was God's money. They must use it in ways that would extend his kingdom. And they must return in ninety days and tell what happened.

The results were astounding. The stories of how God blessed the creativity and faith of these kingdom recruits will move and inspire you. But that's just half the story. The Bellesis unlock the Scriptures to help you consider the possibilities for your own life. Whether it's money or abilities or life experiences, God has given you talents that he wants to multiply beyond your wildest imagination. The Kingdom Assignment will stir you to big dreams, big faith, big deeds … and a much bigger vision of how God can use you.
Here’s what we’re proposing you do: Set aside $1,000 and find 10 volunteers to receive $100 each. We are suggesting that you recruit volunteers by choosing a day in May or early June to preach a sermon on the parable of the talents, as outlined in Matthew 25, to introduce the idea. Each of your volunteers then will be given $100 from the $1,000 seed money to “invest in God” with no strings attached (as long as it’s legal). Volunteers then have 90 days to let the Holy Spirit do its work.

Rev. Brad Smart, District Superintendent of Kentucky East and a member of the NCD Directional Team, recounts that churches he pastored undertook The Kingdom Assignment on two occasions, the first time following Hurricane Katrina and the other time after a devastating flood in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. The stories from both projects were incredible and faith-validating, with the original investment multiplied many times over.

NCD believes that this would be a great way to re-engage as we gradually emerge from a year of COVID-19 social distancing. We even have a limited supply of the Bellesi book that we’ll send you for free (while they last) to help you get started!

We are hoping to start in late May or early June; this will give you the summer to undertake the assignment.

Consider this your invitation to join us and to share your stories using the hashtag #kyumcLoveYourNeighbor. We plan, with the assistance of Conference Communications, to feature some of the best ideas in videos, stories, and slide shows after we wrap up in the early fall.

Any questions? Please feel free to email NCD Ministry Assistant Alan Wild at

We hope you will prayerfully consider joining us in The Kingdom Assignment!