The connection at work

December 15, 2021
The tornadoes that ripped through Kentucky in the early morning hours of Saturday, Dec. 11, affected two annual conferences. The far western section of Kentucky, including the hard-hit city of Mayfield, is part of the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Annual Conference.

The two conferences are working closely together to coordinate our disaster response.

Monday night, members of both conferences, under the leadership of Bishops Leonard Fairley and  William McAlilly, met via Zoom to map out how to jointly respond to all the challenges ahead as our disaster response coordinators help members of both conferences begin the recovery process.

Chief among things that Jim Morse and Robert Craig, coordinators in the Kentucky and Tennessee-Western Kentucky, respectively, are working on is a joint system for volunteers to register to help the people affected by the devastating tornadoes.

As the two conferences work together and share resources, this partnership brought about by massive destruction will allow our United Methodist connectionalism to shine.