The Kingdom Assignment: An A+ for The Source!

September 14, 2021
A few months ago, New Church Development invited our New Faith Communities to accept $1,000 in feed money and use it to bless others in an exercise known as The Kingdom Assignment. We suggested that they study the Parable of the Talents, then use that lesson to see where the Holy Spirit led them over the summer.

This past Sunday, Sept. 12, The Source, a campus of Southern Hills UMC in Lexington, celebrated with their pastor, Rev. Jill Ruhl, by hearing from many of the people who accepted a portion of the seed money and used it to bless the community in some way. 

We’re hoping to hear soon from other churches and New Faith Communities that undertook The Kingdom Assignment, and when we do, we’ll run their stories, also. (By the way, anyone can do The Kingdom Assignment anytime; here is our earlier story with all the details from when we invited others across the Kentucky Annual Conference to undertake the challenge.)

Here are the glory sightings from The Source:
  • Lily Carter, a sixth-grader, used $100 to make dog treats, which she sold and earned more than $300. She donated the money to the Lexington Humane Society.
  • Colette McGinnis could not attend but shared a video of herself explaining what she did. She bought materials to create cards with her $100. Then she taught cardmaking classes with the materials. She and her students created more than 300 cards to be sent to area nursing homes.
  • Barbie Lally gifted her $100 to help a family of eight from the Congo who are being assisted by Kentucky Refugee Ministries. They arrived in the U.S. with nothing. Her $100 allowed them to take a shopping trip, and she was more than happy to share the love of Christ with this family.
  • Diana Ney, a prenatal educator at the University of Kentucky who works with pregnant teens, felt moved to buy them baby shower gifts, since many of these girls don’t have a lot. She got them Velcro swaddles and childbirth education materials and also made cards for them.
  • Doug Donaldson used his $100 to create an investment account through the Acorns stock market app. Through the app, he rounded up his credit card purchases to the nearest dollar, which was also invested. To date his account has grown to $258, which he will withdraw and invest in Kingdom-building.
  • Chivas Carter sought out matching donations to support a student for the summer in Common Good’s summer program.
  • Carol Rudzinski added to her $100 and bought gift cards at a new coffee shop in her neighborhood (to bless them), then inserted the gift cards in greeting cards and distributed them to the staff of a local preschool so that they would feel loved and appreciated.
  • Trish Kaelin created a food pantry at The Source called “Feeding Friends.” She added to her $100 and bought a food collection cart, which she stocked with groceries. She then challenged the congregation to drop off food items at least once a month to keep the pantry full.     
We hope you are as blessed as we are to hear these glory sightings. We hope to be sharing more here soon!

- Alan Wild, NCD Ministry Assistant

For more photos from this celebration, visit the Photo Gallery.