The Kingdom Assignment: Youth at All Nations have been busy!

September 22, 2021
A few months ago, New Church Development invited our New Faith Communities to accept $1,000 in feed money and use it to bless others in an exercise known as The Kingdom Assignment. We suggested that they study the Parable of the Talents, then use that lesson to see where the Holy Spirit led them over the summer.

One of the churches that participated was All Nations UMC in Nicholasville. We recently heard from Rev. Jaewoo Joung,  the Youth Pastor there. It sounds like the youth have been busy:

(I)t has been a great blessing for our youths and volunteers of youth ministry at All Nations, Joung told us in his email. A few of them haven’t yet finished their planned projects. I want to share two (examples) of the Kingdom Assignment where God poured His amazing grace.

Our church does a love-sharing ministry (preparing food to share) once a month. One of the youths prepared these packages to share with homeless women. This youth got the extraordinary mind for homeless women and prepared this package containing some useful items inside. We were so amazed that she had a wonderful heart to share blessings with women in great need. We are so thankful that God enabled her to search for helping and sharing the gifts in such a particular way. Her heartful package filled our homeless ministry with God’s grace toward women in the street. It was such a creative idea that made our church ministry to be more effective.

Describing a second project, Joung wrote: These two youths prepared a table to introduce All Nations at the park. They shared a small gift and water with the visitors. It was an excellent opportunity for our youths to share about the church. We could see the love and passion of our youths toward their church. Furthermore, this opportunity led them to think about the need for having an evangelistic passion in their lives. While youth ministry has been staying inside the church compound, especially for the pandemic, for more than a year, this out-reaching event played as a great moment to reach the people outside. The weather was hot outside that day. We are proud of the youths who spent all day long doing this project.

We also recently got a report from The Source in Lexington; here is that story. We’re hoping to hear soon from other churches and New Faith Communities that undertook The Kingdom Assignment, and when we do, we’ll continue to share them. (By the way, anyone can do The Kingdom Assignment anytime; here is our earlier story with all the details from when we invited others across the Kentucky Annual Conference to undertake the challenge.)
- Alan Wild, NCD Ministry Assistant

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