West Virginia Flooding Response Information

June 27, 2016
The situation in West Virginia is chaotic and the emergency services are still in emergency response and recovery mode.  Access to much of the heaviest damage is still limited to bridges and roadway damage.  The Emergency Management and Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) are still conducting assessments. 

Here are some things that we can do:

Pray for all involved and pray for discernment of what we, as individuals, churches and conference should be doing.

DO NOT collect clothing to send.  If you feel led to donate clothing to a cause, arrange to send it to Mountain Mission who are equipped to sort and use the donation.

DO NOT try to go to the scene(s) and help at this time.  Much of the area is still restricted.

Donations can be made through West Virginia Annual Conference #935 for the special offering. Checks may be sent to the Conference Treasurer's office: PO Box 2469, Charleston, WV 25329. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Consider donating to UMCOR who will be a major player in the recovery efforts. You can donate directly through the UMCOR web site at  www.umcor.org

Cleanup buckets will be needed in great quantity.  Many will source from existing stockpiles in the various UMCOR warehouses, but those sources will need to be replenished. The current instructions for putting together cleanup buckets can be found here:  http://www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies/Relief-Supply-Kits/Cleaning
  •              We will be asking the District Disaster Coordinators to work toward identifying one or two locations in each district to collect any flood buckets that individuals or churches wish to put together.
  •              From there we will collect them on a conference level and then forward them to either
As specific needs are shared by the West Virginia Conference they will be posted on the Conference website and Facebook page.

When the West Virginia Conference is in a position to invite and utilize outside teams for clean-up and other recovery efforts, we will share that information through the Conference website and Facebook page.

Teams that will be considering to go and provide assistance should keep the following in mind:
  •             For much of the summer and early fall, any team going to the flooding areas should be prepared to be as self-sufficient as possible. This means taking your own food, tools, supplies, and possibly shelter for your time there.
  •             Response should be coordinated through the West Virginia Conference or their partner agencies to clearly identify what they will be asked to do, where they will be working, who they may be working with and the work conditions to expect.