When Words Are Not Enough

August 13, 2017

My soul grows weary with the need to write yet another word when words are never enough. Like many of you these are times when I feel helpless. The only thing that my soul appears to be able to say in the midst of its weeping is, "how long oh Lord" until we learn the truth that hatred, violence, racism, or injustice in any form will forever be wrong, no matter how we try to justify them. Nothing politically, socially, spiritually or any other ideology is worth the loss of even one life.

I confess that I feel helpless, but I will never become hopeless or bitter because there is a "Word" that speaks louder than any word I can ever write or eloquently render. There is a Word that speaks above any hatred. Are we listening?  I received these words from my Director of Connectional Ministries yesterday, "Lord have mercy, we have got to do better." I am tired of writing statements. However, I know we as the people of God have got to do better. Therefore, I encourage my brothers and sisters in Kentucky, and dare I say across this planet, both clergy and laity, to not only pray for the families who now grieve in Charlottesville, Virginia but may we remember and live the vows we each made in our baptisms: "Do you accept the freedom and power God gives you to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.  (Baptismal Covenant II, United Methodist Hymnal, page 40). 

The time of eloquent statements is over, now is the time for each of us to practice courageous, simple, and random acts of justice, love, reconciliation, and peace rooted in the Word of God become flesh. I believe that this is the doing, the action, following "the way" of the Prince of Peace that will get us through this and all darkness. All forms of hatred are and must be unacceptable to those who follow the Risen Christ.  We must and we can do better!!! 
                                         Jesus Wept
                                Tears of pain fall once again
                                Hear them call from deep
                                wells that weep without sleep.
                                Lord, let me not turn my face
                                always from this place. Let me
                                linger long enough to be the bringer
                                Of some measure of hope that will
                                treasure life in all it's beauty. I pray
                                my soul never grows cold blinding
                                my eyes against the light longingly
                                seeking bright paths beyond the
                                venom of hatred's voice.
                                                                                Leonard Fairley