Older Adult Ministries


This Older Adult Ministries page is provided for older adults over 50 yrs of age and for those who work with them.  Our goal is to provide resources, inspiration, and wisdom for those who have reached this stage of their lives.  Please do not get hung-up on the words “older adults”.  It is just a designation, not a statement on who you are.  It is our hope that you will find benefits from the articles posted here and that they will be helpful on your journey of faith. 

We want you to be involved with this page.  That is why I chose the graphic at the top of the page.  This is your page, not ours.  We are here to serve you and want you to make suggestions, share ideas, and pass this information on to others who may find it helpful.  We are looking for a name for this group within the KY Conference.  Please share your suggestions and each one will be carefully and prayerfully considered. 

Also, if you have an event for Older Adults, please share it with us and we will post it on this page and on the Kentucky Conference Calendar; there may be older adults in your area who would be interested in attending (not members of your church) or an idea that another church will “borrow.”  Let us know what you are celebrating and any “Glory Moments” you may experience as a group. 

Please feel free to contact our Team Leader, Rev. Sue Eaton, at 502-315-9394 or sueeaton@bellsouth.net , if she can help you in any way.   



Meeting Devotions

Words of Wisdom

Baby Boomers

Golden Disciples

General Board Of Discipleship

On this website (www.umcdiscipleship.org) you will find various articles under the heading of Equipping Leaders/Older Adults that can be downloaded and printed and webinars to be viewed at your convenience.  At the bottom of the webpage, you will find a box entitled "Content Library" where you will find more articles and webinars just a click away.

Aging Well by Missy Buchanan

This wonderful woman of God has written many books and led conferences about Older Adults. In the green boxes on the right side of her webpage, you will find her Twitter account and additional articles.  You will be enriched by learning more about Missy Buchanan and reading her books and articles.

Caring for Aging People, Parents or Grandparents

African Americans and Aging

Other Senior Ministries Articles

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Upcoming Plans/Glory Moments

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