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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for 2019 Benefits: October 15 - 31

Open Enrollment is the annual period when you may make changes to your benefits for the upcoming calendar year. Benefits include medical, HSA, dental, and vision insurances. The health benefits you elect during open enrollment begin January 1, 2019 and will stay in effect through December 31, 2019.

Who needs to participate in Open Enrollment?

  • Anyone making contributions to an HSA must make those elections annually and may do so during Open Enrollment. You do not need to use the Open Enrollment website if you are only making your annual HSA election. To make your annual HSA election, download the HSA form and submit it to the Benefits Office.
  • Anyone making changes to their medical, dental, or vision plan elections must do so during Open Enrollment by using the open enrollment website.

Once Open Enrollment has ended on October 31, 2018, there will not be an opportunity to make changes to your 2019 plan elections for medical, dental, or vision unless you have a "Qualifying Life Event" (QLE).

Open Enrollment Website

The 2019 Open Enrollment process will once again be an online process. The website to make 2019 plan elections will only be available from October 15 - October 31. Below is information on how to log-in to the open enrollment website.

1. Go to the open enrollment website at https://kentuckyconferenceumc.ebensite.com

2. For username: Enter first initial, last name and year of birth

             Example: John Wesley, born June 3, 1703 would enter: jwesley1703

3. For password: Enter last name (Capitalize first letter) plus last 4 digits of Social Security number

            Example: John Wesley, (SS#) 123-45-6789 would enter: Wesley6789

*You will be given the opportunity to create your own password after your initial log-in.

2019 Payroll Deductions

Don't forget to inform your church about the elections you have made for 2019! An easy way to do so would be to complete the 2019 Payroll Withholding Summary and provide it to your church treasurer!

2019 Health Plan Information

Active Member Health Plan Information

Dental & Vision Plan Information

Retiree Health Care Information


2019 ACA Annual Notices

As required under federal law, The Board of Pensions of the Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is providing its participants with a number of important notices related to your health plan benefits, as follows:

  • Medicare Part D Notice
  • HIPAA Special Enrollment Notice
  • WHCRA Notice
  • NMHPA Notice
  • CHIP/Medicaid Notice
  • HIPAA Privacy Notice
  • HIPAA Privacy Notice Reminder
  • Exchange Notice

Click Here to review these notices