Pastor Performance Evaluation System


This document is one of four necessary documents to be used when assessing the performance of your pastor. In addition to this document, you should also have:

A) Guidelines for Utilization 
B) Dimensions & Examples of Performance 
C) Annual Activity Report submitted by your pastor.

1.  Ratings will be assigned by the Congregation Assessment Team (CAT). Prior to the CAT meeting in which ratings will be assigned, each CAT member should:

  • a) carefully read the Guidelines for Utilization
  • b) review the pastor's completed Annual Activity Report. It is recommended that each CAT member independently determine preliminary ratings for each dimension of performance prior to the team meeting.

2.  The CAT will meet to assign ratings on each dimension of performance. The pastor is not present in the CAT meeting in which ratings are assigned.

3.  For each dimension of performance, carefully review the activities listed in the pastor's Annual Activity Report. Then compare the activities completed by the pastor with those listed in the Dimensions & Examples of Performance. Determine which level of performance in the Dimensions & Examples of Performance best represents the actual activities engaged in by the pastor. This level of performance determines the rating the pastor should receive for that dimension. Enter the rating in the appropriate line for that dimension on the Rating Form.

It is not necessary nor is it expected that all of the actual activities engaged in by your pastor will be listed in the Dimensions & Examples of Performance. The Dimensions & Examples of Performance activities are not a checklist of expected behaviors nor are they an exhaustive list of the activities and behaviors a pastor may engage in at a given level of performance. The activities listed in the Dimensions & Examples of Performance are exemplars of the type of activity likely to be engaged in by a pastor performing at that level. It is likely that pastors will engage in appropriate and meaningful activities that are not identified on the examples. This provides adaptability in the appraisal system and allows for more effective utilization of individual Pastor talent, resulting in synergy, and ultimately in a higher level of Church productivity.

The CAT should not consider activities that are not identified on the Annual Activity Report unless a specific CAT member has first hand knowledge of the activity, the situation surrounding the activity, and the outcomes and/or results of the activity. Hearsay should not be considered when assigning ratings.

4) Repeat this process for each of the 17 dimensions of performance.

5) PPRC members who are also on the CAT team should forward a copy of the completed Rating Form to the pastor and schedule the Appraisal Review meeting.

6) Following the Appraisal Review meeting, the PPRC members who also serve as CAT members need to distribute three signed copies of the completed Rating Form. A copy of the completed and signed Rating Form should be given to the pastor. In addition, a copy of the completed and signed Rating Form should be given to the District Superintendent at Charge Conference; a third copy should be mailed to:

The Director of Ministerial Services
7400 Floydsburg Road,
Crestwood, KY 40014-8202.


The pastor Rating Form was designed to allow for flexibility of the diverse activities engaged in by pastors across the Conference. A rating of "P" - Meets Standard - is considered to be a good score. A rating of "P" represents performance that meets the conference standards for what is expected of a pastor who is doing a good job.

Pastors are expected to do a good job and perform at least at the level of "P" - Meets Standard - on each of the 17 dimension of pastor performance. The 17 dimensions of performance are clustered into four categories: Centering in Christ, Preaching/Teaching, Equipping, and Leading. Each pastor should be evaluated on all 17 dimensions, with one possible exception: pastors whose church does not have a staff should not be rated on dimension "L: Staff Management."

Pastors performing below standard, i.e., a rating of "--" on any dimension of performance should be provided with feedback explaining how/why their performance is below standard. Behavioral goals and timetables should be established to direct the pastor's efforts toward improving substandard performance.


Use the following Rating Scale to assign ratings for each dimension of performance.


Performance frequently exceeds established standards. Performance at this level typically merits special recognition. (This rating should be assigned on a limited basis.)


Performance consistently meets established standards.


Performance lacks consistency and/or often falls short of established standards.

N/A - Not Applicable 

"Not Applicable" reflects non-performance in a dimension. This rating
should be used only on dimension "L: Staff Management" and only for pastors whose church does not have a staff.