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United Methodist clergy and lay employees have several pension and retirement plan options available through Wespath (a general agency of The United Methodist Church). Specifically, there is the Clergy Retirement Security Program, the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan, and the Comprehensive Protection Plan. For more information about each of these options please see the links and "At A Glance" documents provided at the bottom of this page. The Conference often refers to these programs by the acronyms listed below:


  • CRSP- Clergy Retirement Security Program
    • CRSP DB – the defined benefits part of CRSP
    • CRSP DC – the defined contribution part of CRSP
  • CPP – Comprehensive Protection Plan (i.e. disability and life insurance paid by the church for full-time clergy)

2020 and 2021 News & Updates


Pension Rates and Calculations: Please see below for 2020 and 2021 pension rates (chart) and calculation formulas.We start by calculating the Plan Compensation (see Line 9 of the Clergy Compensation form), which is the total salary plus any housing that is provided. The Plan Compensation is then used to calculate pension and insurance payments for the year.

Total Salary plus Housing (parsonage equivalent or housing allowance) = Plan Compensation

Benefit Type
Formula (Annual)
Plan Comp*11%
Plan Comp*3%
Plan Comp*3%


*For CRSP DB, the lesser of the Plan Compensation or the DAC (Denominational Average Compensation) is used to calculate the contribution. The 2020 DAC is $72,648. The 2021 DAC is $74,199.

For examples of pension calculations, please see here: Pension Calculation Formulas and Examples.

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Wespath Benefits and Investments Mobile App

View your pension accounts through Wespath's mobile app. In addition to viewing account balances, you can also look at LifeStage investments and check current rates of return. To find out more information and get instructions on how to download the app click here.