Pension and Retirement Plans

United Methodist clergy and lay employees have several benefit plans available through Wespath (a general agency of The United Methodist Church). The Conference often refers to these programs by the acronyms listed below:

  • CRSP- Clergy Retirement Security Program: a pension & retirement plan for clergy appointed full-time or 3/4 time to a local church.
    • CRSP DB – the defined benefits part of CRSP
    • CRSP DC – the defined contribution part of CRSP
  • CPP – Comprehensive Protection Plan: LTD & Life Insurance plan for clergy appointed full-time to a local church.
  • UMPIP - United Methodist Personal Investment Plan: a retirement plan for clergy and lay employees for personal contributions to a 403(b) or Roth IRA.

For more information about each of these options please see the links and "At-A-Glance" documents provided in the documents section of this page.

CRSP & CPP Calculations

Below you will find the calculations for each of the three plans billed to churches for their pastor's benefits. These premiums are the responsibility of the church.

1.  Start by calculating the Total Plan Compensation:

  • For clergy provided a housing allowance:
    • Total Salary plus Housing Allowance = Total Plan Compensation


  • For clergy living in a parsonage, the salary is increased by 25% to allow for a "parsonage equivalent":
    • Total Salary x 1.25 (parsonage equivalent ) = Total Plan Compensation

2.  Total Plan Compensation is then used to calculate pension payments for the year. The conference invoices these amounts on a monthly basis.

Benefit Type
Formula (Annual)
Total Plan Compensation  x  11%
Total Plan Compensation  x  3%
Total Plan Compensation  x  3%

*For CRSP DB, Total Plan Compensation is capped at the Denominational Average Compensation (DAC). 

  • 2022 DAC - $75,570
  • 2023 DAC - $76,221

For examples of pension calculations, please see here: Pension Calculation Formulas and Examples.


CRSP is designed to be one component of a pastor's retirement plan. To receive the full benefit of the CRSP DC contribution, pastors must contribute at least 1% of their total plan compensation to their UMPIP account. By contributing 1%, a pastor will receive a 1% "match" to their CRSP DC account bringing their total CRSP DC contribution to 3%. If a pastor does not make a 1% contribution to their UMPIP account, they will still receive a 2% contribution into the CRSP DC account.

Contributions to UMPIP can be made by completing the UMPIP Contribution Election Form and submitting it to Wespath. UMPIP Contributions are invoiced from Wespath on a monthly basis.

Forms and Documents

Additional Resources

  • Benefits Access Portal - View retirement accounts balances, manage current investments, project retirement income, update beneficiaries, and more.
  • EY Financial Planning Services - Get free financial counseling and planning services from an EY financial planner.