Pentecost Ideas, Resources and More

Looking for some last minute ideas for Pentecost? I've got a few here I'm using or have used in the past. Some are pretty simple, some take a little planning. I also have some ideas for kids if you do children's moment things.

Also, if you're into videos for worship - collects videos from all the major producers of Christian Media. They have really great stuff. Currently, I'm using Shift Media and Centerline Media resources - they are clean, simple and elegant.

Enjoy and have a brilliant Pentecost Celebration!!!

                                                            - Jim Nichols


  • I love my candles on the altar, but sometime you just need to get creative. This is really cool for Pentecost:
  • How about this for letting people outside of your church building, that something amazing is happening inside:
  • Use your altar space creatively - let red fabric run down from the altar and into your chancel. 
  • Use Ribbons and cut our doves that flow from the ceiling to symbolize the flow of the Spirit
  • Check out sites like for liturgies, songs, and even dramas. There are several new hymns that use traditional melodies that are very cool.