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Red Bird History

Red Bird Missionary ConferenceThe Red Bird Missionary Conference is one of three missionary conferences in the United States. The other two are Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference and Alaska Missionary Conference. A missionary conference serves in an area where local resources cannot meet the needs; therefore mission support from the whole Church is necessary.

Red Bird Missionary Conference is located in Southeastern Kentucky It is the most comprehensive mission effort of The United Methodist Church in the United States, providing outreach and services that minister to the whole person (spiritual, physical, social, and economic).

Under new Disciplinary provisions, the Red Bird Missionary Conference was formed in 1968 and became the "umbrella" over churches and mission institutions that united the mission wok that began in this mountainous area in 1921. The Conference is comprised of 23 churches, four outreach centers and four mission institutions (The Bennett Center, Henderson Settlement, Red Bird Clinic, and Red Bird Mission). In addition there are other ministries of nurture, outreach and witness including the Appalachian Local Pastors School (ALPS) and Camp O' Cumberlands.

Bishop Lindsey Davis presides over the Red Bird Missionary Conference and the Kentucky Annual Conference. Since the Red Bird Missionary Conference is small, there is no district level. The annual conference sessions are held at one of the local churches and are usually held in the early spring.

The Cardinal is the newsletter of the Red Bird Missionary Conference and is printed quarterly with news of all ministries of the Conference. The Conference Office and Visitor's Center is located on the Queendale Campus near Beverly, Kentucky. Visitors are always welcome and encouraged to contact the Conference Office to schedule a visit and tour.











































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