Red Bird Partnership Bulletin Inserts

Red Bird Missionary Conference


The Red Bird Missionary Conference is one of three missionary conferences in the United States.  A missionary conference serves in an area where local resources cannot meet the needs; therefore, mission support from the whole Church is necessary.


This year the mission offering at Annual Conference will benefit the Red Bird Missionary Conference. Bishop Lindsey Davis, bishop of both the Red Bird and Kentucky Conferences, has set a goal of $100,000 that he prays all members will take a personal stake in helping to raise. 


June 6, 2010 has been designated as Mission Offering Sunday. All congregations are asked to collect a mission offering either that Sunday or another Sunday prior to the 2010 Annual Conference.


Here are bulletin inserts that you can use between now and Mission Offering Sunday.


Red Bird Overview

Red Bird Mission School

Henderson Settlement

The Bennett Center

Red Bird 8.5 x 11 Flyers