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Retired Members Health Plan

Retired clergy, diaconal ministers, and full-time lay employees of the Conference or participating institution can elect to be covered under the Conference healthcare plan (2015 Journal).   

Effective January 1, 2016, the Kentucky Annual Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits elected to cover its Medicare-eligible retirees through OneExchange. OneExchange is a company focused on linking Medicare-eligible participants with Medicare supplemental plans, offering more choices for participants and their spouses.

Retirees of the Kentucky Conference who are not yet Medicare eligible (pre65) have the option to remain covered by the Active Members Health Plan until such time as they are Medicare eligible. Eligibility rules can be found in the Board of Pensions and Health Benefits report of the 2016 Conference Journal

Retiree Healthcare Enrollment Videos

OneExchange Summary Plan Description



The following videos were produced by OneExchange in 2013 when their name was ExtendHealth. ExtendHealth was renamed in 2014 and became OneExchange. When you hear the presenter refer to “Extend Health” during the videos, please know this is OneExchange.

Also, website addresses and phone numbers shown in the videos might have changed, so please refer to the contact information in your Enrollment Guide that you will receive during your initial OneExchange enrollment period.


Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Medicare Basics

Part 3 - HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement Account)

Part 4 - Q & A                                                





To speak with a licensed benefit advisor, please visit www.medicare.oneexchange.com/wespath or call 1-866-249-7785.




Please click here to be directed to the Medicare website to find information about premium rates and deductibles for parts A and B.



Click here to access a list of frequently asked questions about OneExchange.


Health Reimbursement Account

The CBOP provides a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) to eligible retirees and spouses. For 2019, each eligible participant will receive $100 for each year of participation in the active health plan, plus a base contribution of $300, not to exceed $2,300 total for the plan year. Spouses and surviving spouses will be credited the same years of participation as the retired employee.

2019 HRA Schedule

Years of Participation in
the Conference Health Plan
0-4 years No contribution
5 years $500
6 years $600
7 years $700
8 years $800
9 years $900
10 years $1,000
11 years $1,100
12 years $1,200
13 years $1,300
14 years $1,400
15 years $1,500
16 years $1,600
17 years $1,700
18 years $1,800
19 years $1,900
20+ years $2,000


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HRA Reimbursement Form (for qualifying medical expenses)

For questions, call the Benefits Administrator, at 502-425-3884 or 1-800-530-7236 (toll free). Email at benefits@kyumc.org.


Health Advocate: 1-866-695-8622