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Rob Moorlach

Rob Moorlach
General Conference Page

Rob Moorlach is an Elder in full connection with the Dakotas Annual Conference. He serves the Kentucky Conference as the Director of Benefit Services. Rev. Moorlach discusses his role as page at the 2012 General Conference.

What will your role be at General Conference? Describe some of the tasks you will do.
I will be serving as a page at General Conference. Pages serve as the “go-fers” for the Conference. We deliver messages from back and forth between delegations and between delegations and bishops. Pages pass out materials to the delegates for the sessions. We serve as assistants to the chairs and secretaries of the various Legislative Committees. Pages often count votes for committees, deliver petitions from committees to the conference office and vice versa, and we run errands wherever needed. Pages begin General Conference by assisting with crowd management at Opening Worship and finish by serving as “recorders” at the microphones in the general legislative sessions (we note the speakers name, the motion or amendment being made, and then we run that to the Secretary of the Conference).

When I first served as a page, passing notes was common. Cell phones and smart phones might cut this task down, although most Central Conference delegates do not have these devices.

How did you become a page?
I became a page by volunteering to serve on the 2012 General Conference website, and then I was chosen to serve by the Coordinator of Pages and Marshalls.

How long have you been performing this role at General Conference? How many General Conferences have you attended?
I volunteered to serve as a page for the first time for the 2004 General Conference in Pittsburgh. I had such a great time I volunteered again for the 2008 General Conference in Ft. Worth. Serving in Tampa will be my third General Conference.

What aspect of General Conference are you most looking forward to? Is there anything about the experience you don’t look forward to or that you think will be challenging?
My favorite part of General Conference is seeing and working with people I have worked with at past General Conferences as well as seeing people from other Conferences I know. As a page, or a delegate, a person spends a considerable amount of time in close proximity to people working together. And even though I believe real ministry happens in local congregations, it is really fun to see the global church together. One of my favorite experiences from 2008 was visiting with a Central Conference bishop about the local congregation he attended.

The experience I don’t look forward to is having to sit through “protests” which have happened in each General Conference I have attended. In order to keep these protests from being totally disruptive, the Conference allows “organized protests” to happen in which people walk in, say or do whatever they are going to do and walk out. Pages are required to sit through these times. If I could, I would rather find a quiet spot and read a book while this happens.