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This is a place that we can Share Our Glory with each other.  We were able to record a few people at Annual Conference this year who shared their glory with us, so that we can share it with you.  Keep checking back as we add more stories. 

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This "Sharing Our Glory" story was submitted by Nancy Parker of Lighthouse Academy at Newburg.  This is a letter from a former student named Nima Mandiang who expresses what Lighthouse Academy has meant to her:

"I started going to the lighthouse when I was in 7th grade. I came from Senegal and barely spoke English. I was bullied so I tried to fit in with the kids at my school. Therefore, I started acting out, I started getting bad grades, talking back to the teachers, and cursing in class just so that I can be accepted by my classmates. I forged my teachers signature just to make a name for myself in middle school. I even started going to Saturday school as a punishment. The Lighthouse taught me my worth. I learned that I did not need acceptance or approval from friends or others for me to be strong, resilient, and fierce. Mrs. Cynthia accepted me for who I was. She and Dr. Scott, helped me bring my grades up, and taught me how to read in English. Because of their loving, stern and nurturing ways, I went into high school as a prepared and resilient teenager ready to face every challenge that high school had for me . She taught me to accept my background and embrace being African and to not be embarrassed by being from the motherland. I am currently a senior at Marion C. Moore. I take college English. I’ve never had a GPA lower than 3.5 ever since freshman year. I am a certified nursing assistant at Westport Place Health Campus. I am a member of the National Honor Society, Women of Worth, Women of excellence, and Cultural Dialoguers at my school. I have a car and I co-op to work every day. I am going to join the army after graduation to be a doctor. Now I know what it feels like to be a champion. I am that person that is willing to earn it. I am prepared to suffer to be a doctor. I am ready to push through the pain because being a student at the Lighthouse taught me that I can’t fly over pain. I started pushing myself at a really young age. My motivation for success will never fade because of the Lighthouse. I owe it to myself to be great. Thank you to the Lighthouse for helping me to build a strong mindset." #SharingOurGlory

Remember, if you have a "Glory" to share, contact us at! We'd love to hear from you.

This "Sharing Our Glory" story was submitted by Rev. Alisa Carman of Clarkson UMC.

"Sharing our blessings in serving is a joy for Clarkson UMC. We chose an in state place for Clarkson’s first mission trip. We are most grateful for the kindness and cooperation shown to us by the Red Bird Missionary Conference, Bro. Jim Savage. We cleaned and painted one little Church with precious people! Our laity worked hard and we got to know each other better. The consensus was, “LET’S DO THIS AGAIN!” It is a joy to Pastor such a wonderful group and God’s Blessings are Amazing!" #SharingOurGlory

Remember, if you have a "Glory" to share, contact us at! We'd love to hear from you.