Walking Toward Wellness

Introducing the New Virgin Pulse 2.0! 

Beginning January 1, 2017, members will have increased opportunities to engage in daily interactions and challenges to build habits across all areas of their health and well-being (well beyond just activity/fitness). Members will also gain the flexibility to create personalized goals to meet.

Enhancements include:

  • Personalized member experience
  • Well-being on the go - mobile app upgrade
  • Improving daily interactions/driving habits with Challenges and Cards


VirginPulse 2.0 Info Sheet - click to download


Major Improvements to Mobile App

 1.0 APP  2.0 APP (1/1/2017)
 Points/rewards  Points/rewards
 Sync Max (or compatible device)  Sync Max (or compatible device)
 Challenges  Challenges
 Activity Tracking  Activity Tracking
   Habit Tracking
   My Stats
   Daily Cards
   Push Notifications
   Alerts & Notifications
   Create/Edit Profile
   Connect Devices
   Redeem HealthCash


Points Level Structure

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
POINTS   1,000 5,000 10,000 15,000
CONFERENCE REWARDS   $5.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00

* Points replace "HealthMiles" for VP 2.0 

Here is how Levels works: Each quarter everyone starts at Level 1 (of 4) and earns rewards as they reach new levels – up to $80 per quarter (that’s $320 annually).

  • Participants must complete each level to receive monetary incentive
  • With each calendar quarter the point levels will rest to zero


Activity Points

 Take 1,000 steps per day  10 Points
 Take 7,000 steps per day  70 Points
 Take 10,000 steps per day  100 Points
 Take 14,000 steps in a day  140 Points

* 10 points per 1,000 steps - capped at 140 Points per day


Other Points Earning Opportunities

  • Complete your daily cards (max 2 cards/day) = 20 Points
  • Track your Healthy Habits (max 3 habits/day) = 10 Points
  • Self Enter your Measurements (1x/month) = 50 Points
  • Complete Monthly Promoted Health Habit Challenge = 200 Points
  • Join Personal Challenge (1x/month) = 100 Points
  • Join Corporate Competition (2x/year) = 200 Points
  • Complete Annual Health Risk Assessment = 1,000 Points
  • Plus many more!

You don’t need to change a thing – just continue wearing your Max or compatible activity tracking device, and rack up Points to achieve the next level. Even if things come up (as we know they do) and you can’t meet the full reward each quarter, you can still earn a portion of the reward for your efforts.


Your new accounts details will be live on the site beginning January 1, 2017. Any incentives that you have already earned will still be available as well.

The Virgin Pulse walking program is free for active clergy and lay Conference staff covered by the Kentucky Conference health plan and their spouses (whether covered by Conference health plan or not).

Join today by going to join.virginpulse.com/Wespath

If you are already enrolled in the program, sign in to your account at https://member.virginpulse.com/login.aspx

For help enrolling up or any other questions about the program, contact the Benefits Administrator at benefits@kyumc.org.