Your Gifts for Ministry


To enable laypersons to understand, accept, and respond to God's call to mission and ministry in their own lives and to equip them with the skills needed to facilitate their effectiveness in that call.

One of the most beneficial ways disciples can find their best place of service is by discovering and serving from their God-given gifts. Whether that service be inside the church or outside in the community, God's gifts enable us to fulfill the ministry for which we have been created.

We encourage you to discover God's gifts in you and then to prayerfully discern places where your passion for people or a particular cause can be unified in service in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Take the Ministry Gifts Inventory and then learn more about your gifts and how to apply them in mission and ministry.

To take the Inventory, you will need to open two PDF files and print them. Click on the links below to open them. Then, read through each question on the inventory and mark your response on the score sheet. Don't labor over your choices; just mark your first response.

Ministry Gifts Inventory

Ministry Gifts Score Sheet

After you have completed entering your scores, add them across the lines and mark each total next to the corresponding letter. Then open the Answer Code link below and look at your top 5 scores. If there are ties, go ahead and include them.

Answer Code

NOTE: While this inventory is valid, there is no statistical evidence saying that a particular score indicates a gift while another does not. Therefore, this is an inventory that measures the strength of presence of particular ministry gifts. You may discover that there are gifts you thought you had but perhaps they did not show up as top scores. Just remember that God can bring gifts into prominence in your life at the time God wants you to use them. Whether or not we have particular gifts is not as important as how well we respond to God by using the gifts we already have.

Be sure to check out the page on the Committee on Lay Leadership. This will show some basic job descriptions for a variety of leadership roles in local congregations and list their corresponding spiritual gifts.